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On behalf of the American College of Sports Medicine Task Force on Healthy Air Travel, welcome!

The purpose of our Task Force is to recognize and respond to the stresses of modern commercial air travel through...


Promotion of Related Research

Healthy air travel is a science and our Task Force is committed to sharing what we know with health professionals and the general public. Learn more about airports and physical activity opportunities and stay tuned for information about our collaboration with the American Fitness Index.

Educational Initiatives

Is there anything healthy to eat at the airport? Have you struggled with a medical issue while flying? What are some strategies that you can employ to reduce the impact of jet lag on athletic performance? All of these questions have been answered by the Task Force during American College of Sports Medicine Meetings. Check out some of our presentation topics and stay tuned for even more great information to be shared in 2014!

Practical Application of Exercise Science

Our most exciting Task Force objective! This page tells you more about our airport walking program and how you can implement one at an airport near you.  Designed especially for the busy airport executive, we can show YOU how to turn layovers into workouts and help disgruntled passengers blow off some steam in a healthy way. Better yet, let us implement the program for you! 

Although the American College of Sports Medicine Task Force on Healthy Air Travel is brand new, we are already making news. Be sure to learn more about our efforts under “Task Force News” where you will find press releases and details about the partnerships we are developing throughout the commercial air travel industry.

Finally, allow us to introduce ourselves as your Task Force – a talented group of health scientists dedicated to improving the health of the flying public through physical activity and good nutrition.

Welcome aboard!

Task Force on Healthy Air Travel



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