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Walk for Health - Invite your Doctor!

Exercise is Medicine®: A Standard in the Clinical Setting


Regardless of how old you are - thanks to a walk you can be healthier and change your lifestyle to a healthier one!

It is really not difficult, small steps can be achieved really much. You just have to want! Hippocrates already said that the best medicine for man is movement.

On September 30, 2017, 10:00 "Walk for Health - Invite Your Doctor" will take place in 6 Polish cities:


On September 29, 2018 "Walk for Health - Invite Your Doctor" will take place in 10 Polish cities:












(click on the city to go to the application form)


The "Walking for Health" Framework Program. The Walk program will be different in each city.

● 10.00 - Registration

● from 10.30 to 11.30 Movement workshops (Nordic walking, activities for pregnant women, children and seniors)
● 11.30 - Official launch

● 11.45 - Warm-up - about 15  minutes
● 11.45 - 12.30 - Walk 30 minutes
● 12.30-12.45 - Relax
● 13.00-13.30 - Invitation to the next part of the event


The idea of ​​marching, integrating generations, as well as people from different backgrounds and with various illnesses, not only shows the health impact of the march, but also builds social responsibility and awareness. This educational function of walking is a very valuable aspect of this event. It's just the value of movement by walking! There is no need to go through specialized research to determine if this sport can be cultivated. Suitably comfortable shoes and motivation is enough.

Every year more and more research proves the salutary impact of physical activity on health. Moderate movement prevents many illnesses, helps to maintain a high quality of life during the treatment of chronic diseases, but at the same time is devoid of side effects.

There are infinitely many forms of movement, but taking into consideration centuries of human experience, the simplest, best understood and suitable for all is walking. Some experts even say that if it was possible to close the motion in the package, it would be the most prescribed drug in the world.


The project is financed by the Ministry of Health under the National Health Program 2016-2020.


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Support for the Exercise is Medicine© Initiative is provided by:

Support for the Exercise is Medicine© Initiative is provided by:

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