Alexis Batrakoulis

Meet Alexis Batrakoulis

Alexis Batrakoulis
(Larissa, Greece)

About Alexis:

  • B.S. in Physical Education & Sport Science with an emphasis on Fitness
  • M.S. in Exercise & Health with an emphasis on Chronic Diseases
  • CSCS, ACSM-CPT, EP-C, EIM Credential Level II; ACE Health Coach, ACEYFS, SFS, FNS; NASM-CES, PES, WLS
  • Director of Personal Training Education at the Greek Aerobics and Fitness Training School (GRAFTS)
  • Works as an independent contractor with mainly people with class I and II obesity or controlled chronic diseases

Describe your work with healthcare professionals:

I have connected with several independent healthcare professionals that believe in the benefits of regular physical activity. I mainly first contacted them through face-to-face communication, and also conducted local market research.

How have you established a relationship with healthcare providers?

By working with an allied group of professionals: a cardiologist, a clinical dietitian-nutritionist, a physiotherapist, and an exercise physiologist. We work together with each patient.

How have you maintained your referral sources?

By maintaining positive feedback from patients and instilling confidence and trust in other members of the healthcare team.

What have been your biggest challenges?

The biggest challenge has been the existence of several myths about exercise and chronic medical conditions, and whether or not a fitness professional can be considered qualified to work closely with patients. The latest research findings are breaking these barriers.

What been the key to your success in working with the healthcare system?

There are three things: customized service, professionalism and comprehensive education and certification through both academic degrees and specialized credentials. The biggest key to success seems to be bridging the gap between science and practice during their sessions.


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