Chalchisa Abdeta

Meet Chalchisa Abdeta

Chalchisa Abdeta
(Harar Town, Eastern Ethiopa)

About Chalchisa:

  • B.S. is Physiotherapy
  • MPH in General Public Health
  • Works with clients in need of physiotherapy, therapeutic exercise and physical activity
  • Promotes physical activity through social media
  • Conducts research on physical activity in all age groups
  • Works at Hiwot Fana Specialized Haramaya University Hospital in Harar, Ethiopia 

Describe your work with healthcare professionals:

I closely work with over 20 physicians who refer patients to me. I made regular contact with healthcare providers through my business card and social media. 

How have you established a relationship with healthcare providers?

I established relationships with physicians by keeping communication open and sending patients back to them with written feedback on our work.

How have you maintained your referral sources?

I have maintained referral sources by communicating on a regular basis through emails or on the phone. 

What have been your biggest challenges?

Having no access to exercise equipment, as it is expensive, and lacking the funds to run physical activity programs for local patients and communities.

What been the key to your success in working with the healthcare system?

My key to success has been the high quality of patient care I give, conducting research on physical activity, and providing feedback to the healthcare team. 

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