Dan DeFigio

Meet Dan DeFigio

Dan DeFigio
(Nashville, Tennessee, USA)

About Dan:

  • Certified personal trainer
  • Certified sports nutrition counselor
  • Works primarily with clients who need corrective or orthopedic rehabilitative exercise
  • Owner and Director of Basics and Beyond Fitness & Nutrition (www.gettingfit.com)

Describe your work with healthcare professionals:

We work with four healthcare providers at the moment who regularly refer patients to us.

How have you established a relationship with healthcare providers?

These providers (one Vanderbilt physical medicine physician, one chiropractor, two massage therapists/Egoscue providers) were recommended to me as superior healthcare providers by clients and/or other providers. I reached out to them by letting them know that I was told they were doing an exceptional job in their field, and I’d like to set up a meeting to find out more about how they operate with their clients/patients.

How have you maintained your referral sources?

By having great success with the people they send me and by giving referrals back when appropriate.

What have been your biggest challenges?

The biggest challenge has been overcoming the title of “personal trainer.” There is some bias and few patients know what makes a quality exercise professional. I suggest to my referring providers that they describe me as a “postural correction specialist” or an “exercise rehab specialist” to set the tone apart from the typical personal trainer in a gym.

What been the key to your success in working with the healthcare system?

Working with exceptional providers who are able to give their patients something no one else in the area can.

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