Karen Wonders

Meet Karen Wonders!

Karen Wonders
(Dayton, Ohio, USA)

About Karen:

  • Ph.D. in Exercise Physiology
  • Clinical Cancer Exercise Specialist level 2 certified
  • ACSM Health and Fitness Specialist
  • EIM Credential Level II
  • Professor of Exercise Physiology at Wright State University
  • Founder and Director of Maple Tree Cancer Alliance

Describe your work with healthcare professionals:

I work with individuals battling cancer. They range in age from 3 to 94 years old. We receive referrals from every major oncology center and hospital in the Dayton area – approximately 10 organizations.

How have you established a relationship with healthcare providers?

In several different ways. I initiated contact with some of them that I met at health pairs, others I went into their office to share flyers and discuss our services. I also spoke at Oncological Nursing Society meetings and met several nurses through that.

How have you maintained your referral sources?

Through constant contact and involving them in what we do. We try to be as visible as possible and have accommodated them on everything they have asked. I send physicians updates on their patients and share the research findings from our organization, and invited some key providers to serve on our Board.

What have been your biggest challenges?

Finances are our biggest struggle. We operate on a tight budget and survive entirely on donations, fundraisers and grants because our services are provided free of charge.

What been the key to your success in working with the healthcare system?

Patient satisfaction is huge, maintaining relationships, keeping up to date involving physicians, and showing that we know what we are doing!

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