Physical Activity Digital Health

Using technology for effective engagement, tracking participation, and outcomes reporting

In the digital health landscape, the physical-activity related applications, technologies and delivery systems that impact the Community Resources ecosystem of EIM Professionals, Physical Activity Intervention Programs and EIM Places are referred to as Physical Activity (PA) Digital Health.

Healthcare Stakeholders, specifically health systems, have a wide spectrum of cutting-edge technologies, all of which are accelerating the transformation to value-based care:

  • Electronic health record (EHR) Systems
  • Population health management (PHM) Applications
  • Patient-centered medical home (PCMH) applications, along with
  • Health information exchanges (HIE)

Community Resources must have the technological support to align with Healthcare Stakeholders for the engagement of at-risk population groups, the delivery of interventions, the tracking of participation and the evaluation of feedback for outcomes reporting.

Exercise is Medicine® (EIM) is taking the lead in working with digital-health industry experts to establish PA Digital Health specifications for platforms, devices and applications in order for Community Resources to become competent and effective extensions of value-based care.

For more information, contact the U.S. EIM Representative (located in the footer of the page) for more information.

Support for the Exercise is Medicine© Initiative is provided by:

Support for the Exercise is Medicine© Initiative is provided by:

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