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2024 EIM Global Leadership Awards

June 18, 2024 by Mark Stoutenberg, Ph.D., MSPH, FACSM

Since 2017, EIM has recognized significant accomplishments through the presentation of the EIM Global Leadership Awards, with one award typically being given to an individual or group within the United States and a second to an international individual or group who personify the mission and vision of the EIM initiative. The awards are typically given out as part of the Morris-Paffenbarger EIM Keynote Lecture.

U.S. Recipient

Laurie Whitsel, Ph.D., FAHA

Laurie Whitsel, Ph.D., FAHA, was honored as the recipient of the U.S. award. Among her many accomplishments, Dr. Whitsel was one of the founding members of the Physical Activity Plan, served as a sector co-lead for the National Physical Activity Plan, leads the American Heart Association’s internal strategic plan around physical activity, and was recognized in 2023 as one of the “Most Influential Women Leaders in Health Promotion” by the American Journal of Health Promotion. In June 2023, Dr. Whitsel led efforts to have physical activity data elements included as a core measure in the U.S. Core Data for Interoperability Version 4 (USCDI v4), meaning that electronic health record platforms in the U.S. will be required to include the Physical Activity Data Elements to capture patient physical activity levels. She followed this in July 2023, through work with HL7 (a set of international standards used to transfer and share data between various healthcare providers), which led to the publication of the first ever Physical Activity Implementation Guide (IG) to standardize the ability of computer systems or software to exchange information involved in measuring, reporting, and intervening to improve patient physical activity levels. Exercise is Medicine is proud of everything Dr. Whitsel has accomplished and looks forward to our future collaborations in continuing to make physical activity a standard in patient care in the United States!

International Recipient

Mark Stoutenberg, Ph.D., MSPH, FACSM (left) and Ben Tan, MBBS (Singapore), MSpMed (Australia), FAMS (SpMed), FACSM (right)

The 2024 international recipient of the EIM Global Leadership Award was Ben Tan, MBBS (Singapore), MSpMed (Australia), FAMS (SpMed), FACSM. A former Olympic competitor (sailing; 1996 Summer Olympics), Dr. Tan won an Asian Games gold medal, as well as four gold medals at the Southeast Asian Games. After retiring from international competition, Dr. Tan has served in several other high prominent roles for Singapore including leading the Singapore Olympic team at the 2021 Summer Olympics in Japan as ‘Chef de Mission’, serving as a member of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) Medical and Scientific Commission, and chairing the World Sailing’s Medical Commission. In 2005, Dr. Tan chaired a Singapore sports medicine workgroup that eventually culminated in sports medicine being officially recognized as a subspecialty in Singapore. Dr. Tan is currently the Head & Senior Consultant for SingHealth Duke-NUS Sport and Exercise Medicine Centre, and is widely recognized as a leading sports medicine physician in Singapore and Southeast Asia. As part of this role, he has led the EIM Singapore National Center since its inception in 2015. Some of the numerous accomplishments of EIM Singapore include: the development of two editions of an EIM Singapore textbook that support year-round EIM training events for healthcare providers and exercise professionals, providing EIM training for physicians in the Singapore army, introducing EIM/physical activity in medical residency programs at all three Singaporean medical schools, and integrating the PAVS across Changi Hospital and several other major Singapore health institutes. Additionally, Dr, Tan plays a vital role in coordinating the development and growth of EIM across Asia, including bi-annual EIM Asia Regional Meetings (2016, 2018, 2020, 2022, planning for 2024) and hosting regular visits from other EIM National Centers in Singapore. The EIM Global Network would not be nearly as developed as it is today without the guidance, support, and expertise of Dr. Tan – thank you for all that you do!

Past Recipients of the EIM Global Leadership Award

Year U.S. Award Winner(s) International Award Winner(s)
2017 Brad Roy, Robert Confessore, Phil Page, Marilyn Moffat, Irene Davis, John Duperly (Colombia)
2018 Bob Sallis, Jennifer West Chi-Hung Lin (Taiwan)
2019 Carena Winters, Jennifer Trilk Anna Plucik-Mrożek, Małgorzata Gosia Perl (Poland)
2020 - None - - None -
2021 Liz Joy Sandra Mahecha (Chile/Latin America)
2022 Cedric Bryant Jonathon Fowles (Canada)
2023 Kathryn Schmitz Andrea Ermolao, Daniel Neunhaeuserer, Sara Ortolan (Italy)



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