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Clinical Practice

Integrating Physical Activity Assessment and Promotion in the Healthcare Setting

Mission of the Committee

The EIM Clinical Practice Committee serves to advise EIM on strategies aimed at integrating physical activity assessment and promotion in the healthcare setting.

Committee Goals

  • Develop a quality measure for physical activity assessment for adults 18-64 years old
  • Partner with EIM Pediatric Committee to develop clinical PA assessment tool for children and adolescents
  • Serve as advisors to EIM leadership and committees regarding the development, implementation, evaluation and partnerships relevant to physical activity assessment and promotion in the clinical setting

Current Projects/Upcoming Projects

  • Advise EIM leadership on the development, implementation and evaluation of the EIM Solution
  • Advise EIM leadership and Guidelines for Exercise Testing and Prescription book authors regarding exercise screening algorithm
  • Advise EIM leadership on website content that is relevant for healthcare providers and patients
  • Advise EIM leadership and EIM science committee on evaluation strategies that leverage EHRs, as well as the identification and use of meaningful outcomes and metrics for healthcare providers, healthcare organizations, patients, EIM, and EIM partners
  • Partner with EIM Pediatric Committee to develop a physical activity assessment tool for children and adolescents
  • Partner with the National Physical Activity Plan healthcare workgroup to implement/achieve strategies and tactics as outlined

If you are interested in learning more about being involved with a committee, please check out the Volunteer Opportunities page for more information!

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