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On Campus

Engage Colleges and Universities in the Promotion of Physical Activity as a Vital Sign of Health

Mission of the Committee

The mission of EIM On Campus is to foster collaborative relationships and leadership on campus between exercise, health and other disciplines that support the EIM On Campus vision and goals.

The vision of EIM On Campus is to see all campus and community members across multiple disciplines discover, share and adopt the principles of EIM On Campus that will help change the culture of chronic disease prevention and management campus-wide.

Committee Goals

Guiding Principles

  • Introduce EIM to universities/colleges and provide an opportunity to make a commitment to support EIM and collaborate with EIM in bringing the program onto campuses and into local communities
  • Provide universities/colleges with an opportunity to learn what other institutions have implemented to successfully promote physical activity and the health benefits on their campuses
  • Recognize campuses who are actively engaged in and championing EIM on their campus

Current Projects/Upcoming Projects

  • The committee has finalized the updated action guide, as well as the updated online registration process for EIM On Campus. This new registration process will allow those who search the newly developing EIM website to search EIM On Campus schools locally, nationally and globally with an interactive map design. In addition, those interested in networking opportunities or best practice will have the ability to contact the EIM On Campus leadership team supervisor for a particular institution.
  • The committee has finalized the rubric for the newly launched university recognition program. This program will distinguish those who are engaging in EIM On Campus at various levels: gold, silver and bronze. The level achieved will be determined by the implementation of the EIM Solution (gold), various EIM On Campus educational programming (silver) or a deliberate effort to increase opportunities for physical activity on campus and provide awareness of EIM On Campus and its mission/goals (bronze).
  • In May 2015, 23 campuses were awarded EIM-OC recognition status.

If you are interested in learning more about being involved with a committee, please check out the Volunteer Opportunities page for more information!

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