Expert Contributors

Exercise is Medicine® would like to acknowledge the professional members (research scientists, faculty and clinicians) and certified exercise professionals who contribute their time and expertise to EIM projects and activities.  In addition to the EIM Governance Board, the EIM Advisory Board and EIM committees, the individuals listed on the linked pages have generously contributed their extensive knowledge and experience in the development of the EIM materials and information available on this website.

Rx for Health Series – Subject Matter Experts

The Rx for Health series includes handouts that can be used by clinicians and exercise professionals to support recommendations to patients and clients regarding physical activity. 

EIM Online Course - Contributors

The Exercise is Medicine® online course was created with the assistance of over 30 subject matter experts with research and/or clinical expertise in a variety of topics related to guiding patients/clients with common chronic medical conditions to lead more active lives.

Evidence for EIM - Contributors

There is a mountain of evidence showing the positive effects of regular physical activity on the prevention and management of common chronic diseases. Research to identify the most effective EIM interventions is ongoing and of the highest importance. These experts contributed to the science-based facts presented on the EIM website.

Support for the Exercise is Medicine® Initiative is provided by:

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