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October 7, 2021 by Neil Peterson, Ph.D., NP-C, ACSM EIM-OC Co-Chair

As we celebrate Exercise is Medicine On Campus month, I hope you’ve gained some useful tips from our blog series on the EIM-OC Mascot Challenge. We’ve covered several areas, so I thought it appropriate to review as you finalize your video. Remember, submissions are due October 15th! 

No Mascot? No Problem!
Even if you do not have a mascot, consider showcasing iconic symbols, buildings, or other recognizable sites or people on your campus. Consider featuring the same sites of your EIM-OC club, exercise assessment and prescription labs, and/or health facilities. 

“Reunited in Movement”  
This year’s theme for the Mascot Challenge is “Reunited in Movement.” Although we may not be fully back to normal, some campuses may be able to reunite physically, while the rest have become savvier at gathering virtually. Show us what you are doing on your campus to be reunited in movement! 

“How To” Make a Mascot Challenge Video in 5 Steps 
You’ve got 90 seconds to show off your campus. Use your EIM-OC leadership team, and others, to decide how you can demonstrate “Reunited in Movement” on your campus. Consider storyboarding to fit everything in and set aside time to do some final edits. Lastly, have fun! 

What I learned the first time my EIM-OC team did the Mascot Challenge 
If using a mascot or president/provost, reserve their time far in advance. Make a plan of what video shots you are going to do and make assignments so everyone knows their role. Don’t forget to plan how you will promote the video as well!  

“How To” Use Your Entire EIM-OC Leadership Team in Your Mascot Challenge Video
It takes planning to organize making the Mascot Challenge video. Coordinate schedules of everyone involved, identify your team’s strengths and use them in the video, and remember to keep it light and fun.  

Top 5 Things to Consider When Creating Your Mascot Challenge Video 
If you haven’t tried to make a professional-looking video before, these tips are a must in helping the quality to stand out. You don’t need fancy equipment to make great-looking videos—most smartphones have high-quality cameras, but make sure you have sufficient lighting. Then consider using free video editing apps to make any adjustments you need.    

What to Include in a Mascot Challenge Submission
You want your video to tell a story. You could share success stories from your EIM-OC efforts, describe what has changed in the last year on your campus, or promote future events. 

How to Spread the Word About Your Submission to Win Fan Favorite
As the deadline quickly approaches, it is important to strategize how to encourage others to vote for your video in hopes of earning Fan Favorite! Stay tuned for this blog.  

Ready to submit your video? Visit the 2021 Mascot Challenge. Thank you all for submitting and good luck!  

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