Advisory Council Membership

The EIMC Advisory Council is comprised of the following members:

CHAIR: Dr. Jonathon Fowles, PhD, CSEP-CEP, Professor, Acadia University

Scientific Lead, Exercise is Medicine Nova Scotia

Faculty Liaison, Exercise is Medicine On Campus @ Acadia University

Director, Centre of Lifestyle Studies Acadia University

Professor School of Kinesiology

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Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology representative:



Dr. Panagiota (Nota) Klentrou

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"Exercise is Medicine Canada is a tremendously important and timely initiative that will serve to promote Canada's Physical Activity Guidelines that were prepared by the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology. CSEP recognizes and values that EIMC will encourage cooperation between health care workers and certified members of CSEP in promoting an active healthy lifestyle for Canadians."

               - Dr. Earl Noble, Past President, Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology

College of Family Physicians of Canada representative:

Tatiana Jevremovic, MD, CCFP (EM), CCFP (SEM), Dip Sport Med (CASEM), CFPC Sport and Exercise Medicine committee

" If exercise was a drug, it would be one of the most effective and safe drugs available to help prevent and treat many chronic diseases including heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, osteoporosis and even depression!  Encouraging more family physicians to assess, prescribe and counsel patients about physical activity is therefore an important goal of the Exercise is Medicine Canada Task Force. The Task Force is actively supported by the Sport and Exercise Medicine Committee of the College of Family Physicians of Canada (CFPC)."

                - The College of Family Physicians of Canada- Sport and Exercise Medicine Committee

Canadian Academy of Sport and Exercise Medicine representative:

Renata Frankovich, BMath, MD, FCFP, Dip Sport Med, Past President, CASEM;  MEDSPORT Ottawa

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"CASEM recognizes the importance of the new Exercise Is Medicine Canada initiative and believes that sport and exercise physicians will play a key role in achieving the EIMC vision of physical activity as an integral part of prevention and treatment of chronic disease in the Canadian health care system.  To succeed,physicians need clinical tools and processes that support physical activity assessment and counseling. CASEM is pleased to play a leadership role in the development of such resources for physicians and other healthcare providers."

-  Dr. Renata Frankovich, Past President, Canadian Academy of Sport and Exercise Medicine


Canadian Physiotherapy Association representative:


Kristin Campbell, BScPT, PhD, Associate Professor, Department of Physical Therapy, University of British Columbia

“The Canadian Physiotherapy Association is proud to be a strong supporter of Exercise is Medicine Canada and its initiatives to increase exercise levels of all Canadians.  Physiotherapists, as primary health care providers, are in a great position with their clients to discuss the positive outcomes of exercise for their chronic diseases and overall wellness. Our physiotherapist members are currently identifying those who could benefit from exercise, tailoring individual programs, and increasing awareness of community programs to maintain physical activity.”                  

- Mr. Rob Werstine, Past President, Canadian Physiotherapy Association

Dietitians of Canada representative:
Bev Harris, Registered Dietitian (PDt) and Certified Diabetes Educator (CDE)

Dietitians of Canada understands the important roles that healthy eating, physical activity and exercise play in the health of Canadians. We support the EIMC vision that 'Physical activity is an integral part of prevention and treatment of chronic disease in the Canadian health care system'.   Dietitians of Canada is proud to play a leadership role developing education, tools and resources to help dietitians across Canada integrate exercise and physical activity into their dietary counseling and treatment planning.
-  Ms. Marsh Sharp, CEO Dietitians of Canada

Canadian Society for Psychomotor Learning in Sport and Exercise Psychology representative:

Michelle Fortier, PhD, Professor, School of Human Kinetics, Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Ottawa

"The Canadian Society for Psychomotor Learning and Sport and Exercise Psychology (SCAPPS) is very pleased to be involved in and support Exercise is Medicine Canada. We strongly believe in and encourage cooperation between traditional health care providers and qualified exercise professionals to get Canadians moving to enhance quality of life and to prevent and treat chronic disease. In support of this goal, SCAPPS bring essential expertise of the theory and practice of motivation and behaviour change that can promote and assist in: increasing the rates of physical activity of the Canadian population; improving the rates of physical activity assessment and advising by health care providers; and, enhancing the training of exercise professionals in the evidence-based motivational and behaviour change counselling skills needed to effectively promote healthy physical activity. SCAPPS members have made significant contributions to a growing body of research demonstrating the efficacy and effectiveness of behaviour change strategies for increasing motivation and activity levels and, importantly, the cost-effectiveness of having qualified exercise professionals on primary care teams to promote physical activity."

                  - Dr. Tim Welsh, President, Canadian Society for Psychomotor Learning and Sport and Exercise Psychology

Reh-Fit Centre

Clinical Exercise Professional Representative:

Sue Boreskie, MPE, CSEP-CEP, Chief Executive Office

reh-fit centre logo

“The Reh-Fit Centre of Winnipeg, Canada’s first certified medical fitness facility, has applied the idea of exercise is medicine to build community health since it opened in 1979. Through its inter-disciplinary team of over 60 professionals, 300 health and fitness programs and services, and the latest exercise equipment in a safe, welcoming setting, thousands of people have filled their exercise prescriptions at the Centre, to maintain their health, or prevent or manage chronic disease, through regular healthy, active living that improves quality of life and longevity while relieving pressure on our health care system.  The Reh-Fit supports and applauds  the efforts of Exercise is Medicine Canada, which is working with health professionals to promote increased physical activity to reduce chronic disease in Canadians.”

                    - Mr. Albert Krahn, Chair, Board of Directors, Reh-Fit Centre

Joint Royal College of Chiropractic Sports Sciences (Canada), and Canadian Chiropractic Association representative:

Scott Howitt DC

"The Royal College of Chiropractic Sports Sciences Canada [RCCSS(C)] is pleased to collaborate with its partners on the Exercise is Medicine Canada initiative (EIMC). The RCCSS(C) recognizes and is a proponent of the goals of EIMC. Chiropractic Sport Specialists will continue to act as role models in exercise by implementing this national strategy to unify all health care professionals in assessing and prescribing physical activity to aid in the treatment and prevention of chronic disease. The RCCSS(C) holds an influential position in providing guidance to Chiropractors and their patients to achieve the Exercise is Medicine Canada vision."

Dr. Scott D. Howitt, CSCS, MSc, RKin, DC, FRCCSS(C), FCCPOR(C)

Sports Specialist, Rehabilitation Specialist, Chiropractor, Kinesiologist


Canadian Kinesiology Alliance, representative

Ms. Hardip (Happy) Kaur Jhai BScKin, PBD Gero, FCE

President of British Columbia Association of Kinesiologist

Board of Directors Canadian Kinesiology Alliance


"The CKA/ACK and our many thousands of professional members are supportive of important initiatives such as Exercise is Medicine Canada (EIMC) that seek to improve the health and wellness of all Canadians."

- Marie-Claude Leblanc, President, CKA/ACK Board of Directors


Canadian Nurses Association

Canadian Nurses Association Logo




"As a practicing Physician Assistant, I know how important physical activity is to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Prescribing moderate exercise as part of a daily routine is crucial to preventing illness and managing chronic disease. The Canadian Association of Physician Assistants fully supports Exercise is Medicine Canada in their promotion of physical activity to patients and providers."

 - Chris Rhule, MHS, PA-C, CCPA, National President, Canadian Association of Physician Assistants


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