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Promoting Physical Activity, One Country at a Time

The Exercise is Medicine®  (EIM) global health initiative exists in 37 countries worldwide. The EIM Global Center actively works with leaders from health care, medicine, public health and fitness organizations to establish national centers. Partners initiate the process by forming an EIM national task force, consisting of a wide array of leaders from across the country, with the goal to establish Exercise is Medicine as a permanent initiative in the country.

EIM national centers receive support from a host institution and an advisory board. The host institution, which is typically a university, professional association or health care institution, establishes a collaborative agreement with the EIM Global Center. A national center director, under the guidance of a multidisciplinary advisory board, leads the center. EIM national advisory boards consist of representatives from:

  • National primary care associations
  • Other national medical and health care associations
  • National health and fitness associations
  • Academic institutions
  • The Ministry of Health or National Public Health Institute

Key functions of an EIM national center include:

  • Establish ongoing relationships with national health care and health fitness organizations;
  • Train health care providers and exercise professionals to implement EIM in their country;
  • Integrate EIM into local and national health care settings; and
  • Link patients from health care systems with local community resources to assist individuals in filling their exercise "prescriptions"

For more information on establishing a national center in your country, please refer to the EIM National Center Launch Sequence document.

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