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EIM Greenville Testimonial

May 9, 2019 by Lee Ann Ragsdale

"At 296 pounds I did not enjoy life. I had no energy or desire to do anything, and I forced myself out of bed just to go to work every day. When my doctor suggested the Exercise is Medicine program, I was interested but I couldn’t say I was thrilled. However, I knew something had to give and that I needed to do something for myself.

When I started the program, I really thought there would be more people like myself that were overweight and feeling hopeless; however, I was pleasantly surprised. We had all types of people in our program – different ages, body types and sizes. It was so diverse, and I found it comforting to be part of this group of great people, all with their own reasons for being there. I discovered that exercising was more enjoyable with a group to talk to, work out with and get to know.  I started to learn about each person’s families, their goals, their hobbies and why they started the program. 

After continued visits I found our trainer was not a silent partner. He cheered us on, and, in turn, we cheered each other on. We kept telling each other, “You can do it!”  I started to realize that I was looking forward to going. I tried harder when I had someone to be accountable to, and I started to try even harder just so my trainer would be proud. I didn't want him to think his hard work had gone to waste! 

This program is a blessing. At 224 pounds (a loss of 72 pounds!), I am the happiest I’ve ever been. I am starting to love myself again, and it shows. Friends and family have noticed the difference in my shrinking physique and in my growing confidence. My 12-year old daughter loves to see my effort and the visible results, making her want to stay in shape as well! I would strongly recommend this program to anyone, for any reason. It works!"

-Lee Ann Ragsdale

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