EIM in the Community

EIM strives to integrate physical activity (PA) as a standard in health care and promote PA in community settings by linking patients with community resources as a form of a continued care model. This ‘pyramid of care' is comprised of three primary stakeholders:

In the community setting, EIM can be applied across the entire lifespan as designated by these primary population groups:

It is within the local community setting that these populations converge and interact, forming together as a collective ‘Community Population’.  Finally, it is important to remember that there yet remains one segment of the population that does not always receive adequate care and medical attention: individuals within the Underserved Populations.

It is the mission of EIM to work with and on behalf of healthcare systems and community resources so that the long-term health and wellness benefit of PA can be realized to each of these Community Populations, regardless of age or location.


Support for the Exercise is Medicine® Initiative is provided by:
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