EIM On Campus Mascot Challenge

Sweat off the Stress!

Exercise is Medicine® On Campus (EIM-OC) launched the Mascot Challenge in October 2017 to celebrate EIM On Campus Month, inviting registered campuses to submit creative videos of their mascots or an iconic campus figure promoting physical activity.

All EIM-OC registered campuses are invited to create a video of how their program promotes the importance of physical activity from working out in the campus rec center. Given the recent challenges with COVID-19, it’s even more important this year to get creative! We want to see how your EIM-OC team is adapting to changes. This year’s theme is “Sweating Off the Stress” because we believe physical activity can help one’s physical and mental

health now, more than ever. Get creative in your video as you show how your team is embracing social distancing, virtual learning, telehealth,

and more—all while keeping physical activity at the heart of your team’s mission. It’s your chance to show your school pride as well as earn bragging rights and a $1,000 grant.

Don't worry if your campus isn't registered yet. You still have time to register and participate! Read the EIM-OC Action Guide to learn how to form a campus leadership team. Once your leadership team is in place, complete the online EIM-OC registration form and submit your video by October 31.  

2020 Video Submission Guidelines

  • 90 seconds or less in length (think of this like a commercial)
  • An original video that has not yet been submitted to the Mascot Challenge
  • Accurately represent the values of Exercise is Medicine®
  • Represent activities that are new this year in response to COVID.
  • Focus on physical activity and healthy lifestyle behaviors
  • Include the university/college mascot, president, a faculty advisor or an iconic campus representative
  • Represent activities that take place on your campus or in your local community
  • Avoid foul language and violent or sexual content
  • Avoid any political or discriminatory content
  • Avoid overt or obvious branding (i.e. If the video character drinks water, use a plain bottle instead of one with a brand logo on it.)
  • Use only audio (music) and images to which you or the institution owns the rights
  • Have fun showing your school spirit and pride!

COVID-19 Considerations

Here are a few creative ways your team can address this year’s theme:

  1. Show how your student health center is promoting social distancing and healthy practices while still collecting the physical activity vital sign.
  2. Demonstrate how physical activity is critical to mental health during these challenging times.
  3. Share how your EIM-OC leadership team is providing fun, virtual options that promote physical activity.
  4. Have EIM-OC team members show how they are being physically active around campus outdoors.


  1. $1,000 grant for 2020 Mascot Challenge winner (selected by a panel of ACSM and EIM multidisciplinary leaders)
  2. Trophy and bragging rights for Fan Favorite (selected by public voting on YouTube)
  3. Second and third place in this category will also receive prizes

How to Enter

  1. Create a video.
  2. Upload your video titled “[School name] Exercise is Medicine On Campus Mascot Challenge 2020” along with your completed application form. 

How to Vote for the Fan Favorite 

  1. Once voting opens, ACSM will change the status of all video submissions to “public” on YouTube. EIM will email the voting links to all individuals listed as the “school contact” on the application.
  2. Each like or “thumbs up” of the video within the YouTube platform will count as a vote. Negative or “thumbs down” votes will NOT count against a video’s positive votes.
  3. The video with the most “likes” at the end of the voting period will be declared the Fan Favorite winner.


  • The video submission period begins Monday, September 21 and ends at 5:00 PM EDT on Saturday, October 31.
  • Voting opens on Wednesday, November 4 and ends at 5:00 PM EDT on Wednesday, November 11.
  • The winners will be announced on Monday, November 16.

View the Challenge Contest Rules with additional tips, including sample social media posts. Need some inspiration? Check out all of the 20192018 and 2017 submissions.

Contact us with questions about contest rules and eligibility or to assist with video submission and/or promotion.

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