EIM on Campus Month

October 2023

This is your chance to promote physical activity and celebrate the EIM movement across your campus. Talk to campus administration and your school’s city and state elected officials and urge them to declare October as EIM-OC Month (see the 2023 President Proclamation pdf under "Resources.")  

Plan an event or activity such as a 5km walk/race, kickball or basketball tourney, dance marathon, obstacle course or day of play within your community.  

Consider a reoccurring activity for EIM Month like a daily health and fitness tip promoted throughout campus, a morning walk or “walk with your doc or fitness professional” events.  

Finish your EIM-OC Month by hosting a celebratory event that congratulates everyone on campus and in the community for being active.   

Use this event to kick start another year of increased physical activity! 

If you participate in EIM-OC month, please share photos with us here.  

Need ideas on how to implement EIM-OC at your institution? Watch the 2022 Franklin Microgrant Awardees video below to see how they explain the success they had with EIM-OC on their campus.



Here are the results for the 2023 EIM-OC Walking Challenge. Congratulations to all of the participating schools! 

2023 Mascot Challenge Winners:  

  1. University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign 
  2. Shenandoah University 
  3. Florida Gulf Coast University 

2023 Fan Favorite Top Three:  

  1. University of Puerto Rico at Mayagüez w/ 835 votes 
  2. University of Illinois Chicago w/ 594 votes
  3. City University of Hong Kong w/ 530 votes  
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