EIM On Campus Mascot Challenge

Join us in August 2024 for the next competition!

Congrats to all 31 schools who participated in this year’s challenge and showed how their campus implements this year’s theme, “Together We Move”! 

2023 Mascot Challenge Winners:  

#1 – University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign  

#2 – Shenandoah University  

#3 – Florida Gulf Coast University 

2023 Fan Favorite Top Three:  

#1 – University of Puerto Rico at Mayagüez w/ 835 votes  

#2 – University of Illinois Chicago w/ 594 votes 

#3 -  City University of Hong Kong w/ 530 votes  


The 2023 Mascot Challenge video playlist had a total of 5,613 votes (likes) and 25,374 views.  

It’s not too early to start the prep for next year! While having a mascot is optional, if you are wanting to have the mascot in your 2024 video make sure to book the mascot sooner than later. The 2024 theme will be announced early August 2024 with videos being due in the middle/end of October 2024.  

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