Clinical Exercise Physiologists

When Exercise is Medicine® is activated in clinical settings, the expertise of a clinical exercise physiologist (CEP) is invaluable.  These exercise professionals often work in cardiopulmonary rehabilitation programs, disease-specific rehabilitation (cancer, bariatric medicine, diabetes) and with a variety of other patient types and clinical programs in diverse settings (corporate medical clinics, human performance labs).

CEPs bring higher education, accredited certification and clinical experience to patients with specific medical conditions or health challenges that require medical monitoring or oversight during exercise.

The Clinical Exercise Physiology Association (CEPA) represents these exercise professionals and exists to advance the scientific and practical application of clinical exercise physiology for the betterment of health, fitness and quality of life for patients at high risk or living with a chronic disease. CEPA welcomes allied health professionals, exercise physiologists, students, and others interested in the clinical exercise physiology profession to join as members.

CEPA maintains a searchable registry of clinical exercise physiologists.

CEPA membership benefits include:

  1. Involvement with a national organization exclusively dedicated to supporting the clinical exercise physiology profession;
  2. Affordable, researched-based webinars specific to patient care best practices and offering continuing education credits;
  3. Access to a professional journal with feature articles relevant to the day-to-day practice of clinical exercise physiology and other allied health professionals;
  4. Quarterly newsletters with information about CEPA, the clinical exercise physiology profession and practical on-the-job information;
  5. Access to a comprehensive salary and practice survey specific to the work of clinical exercise physiologists;
  6. Up-to-date exercise physiology internship information for students.

Visit to learn more about CEPA’s professional, associate and student memberships.

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