Exercise is Medicine® Credential

Exercise professionals who hold the Exercise is Medicine® (EIM) Credential showcase their ability to help individuals with common chronic medical conditions adopt and maintain an active lifestyle. The EIM Credential signifies that an exercise professional has met important educational requirements, is part of the EIM initiative and is prepared to collaborate with members of the health care community to improve referred patients’ health outcomes. 

The credential helps exercise professionals build relationships with health care providers, highlighting how their services could extend a provider’s reach of care. Current EIM professionals report that the EIM Credential is a valuable conversation starter with providers who are curious about how an exercise professional could assist their patients within or outside the health care setting. 

EIM Credential Requirements: 

Upon obtaining the EIM credential, the exercise professional receives: 

  • A digital EIM Credential certificate and option to purchase a plaque, ID card, acrylic block and other products;
  • An EIM lapel pin (you can pick this up at any ACSM educational event); and
  • An invitation to receive EIM monthly updates and participate in EIM programs and events.


What if I already have level 1, 2 or 3 of the EIM Credential? Do I have to start over?

Individuals who already hold any level of the EIM Credential will still possess the EIM Credential but without a numeric designation. Please update your signature or biography as needed, but no other action is required. Note: You must keep an active NCCA-accredited certification to maintain the EIM Credential. New applicants for the EIM Credential must possess a minimum bachelor’s degree in exercise science or a related field.

Why did you make these changes?

EIM updated the credential’s requirements and structure in response to feedback from physicians and other health care providers about the academic background an exercise professional would need to possess in order for them to trust that professional’s competence. Further, focus groups conducted with health care providers and exercise professionals, as well as feedback from ACSM customer service staff, indicated that there was considerable confusion about the previous three credential levels and exemptions. The new structure and requirements simplify and strengthen the EIM Credential.In addition, academic programs have varying curricula and may not cover all essential EIM topics. Requiring those pursuing the EIM Credential to take the updated EIM course ensures that all who possess the credential share the same foundation of knowledge.

I am already certified as an ACSM Clinical Exercise Physiologist® (CEP). Why do I need the EIM Credential?

Having the EIM Credential provides you with additional professional recognition and signifies that you are an integral part of the EIM movement. You believe in the power of exercise to impact mental and physical health — the EIM Credential sends that message loud and clear. Those with the EIM Credential will be invited to receive updates about EIM efforts to integrate PA into health care settings as well as participate in EIM activities. Whether or not you choose to get the credential, you may wish to take one or more of the EIM course modules to help you obtain your required CECs. 

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