Exercise Pros Action Guide

A blueprint to work with health care providers

This Exercise is Medicine® Action Guide provides exercise professionals with a blueprint for how to work effectively with physicians and other health care providers to use exercise and physical activity, in the correct “dosage,” as an effective patient care “prescription.” This guide supports one of the primary goals of the Exercise is Medicine initiative: to bring health care providers and exercise professionals together as part of the care continuum and ensure that exercise professionals are prepared to work safely and effectively with referred patients.

The guide outlines a four-step approach to work with health care providers and patients/clients to facilitate and manage medical referrals:

Be sure to use the guide’s sample forms and templates to optimize opportunities to build credibility and work with health care professionals in your community. Due to potential variations in the law from one state to another, these documents should be reviewed and approved by legal counsel before they are used by you/your organization. ACSM makes no warranties or representations regarding the documents provided in this guide, and you/your organization assume all risk associated with any use of these documents. 

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