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Bringing Exercise is Medicine®to your system

As a result of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act, health systems must transition into value-based care. Population Health Management (PHM) is the key to improving health outcomes and reducing costs. PHM is the "proactive application of strategies and interventions to defined groups of patients across the continuum of care in an effort to improve the health of patients within the group at the lowest necessary cost." The PHM Care Model stratifies patients, employees and underserved community residents into at-risk population groups to provide effective intervention and treatment programs for chronic disease.

The EIM Summary Sheet provides a brief overview of Exercise is Medicine and how a health care provider could activate EIM within their practice. The EIM solution provides a framework to assist health care providers, hospitals and health care systems in promoting patient health through the systematic integration of physical activity assessment and promotion into clinical care, accessing evidence-based physical activity resources. This approach can be adopted by all health care systems or medical practices, particularly those moving toward a population health model of care. 

The EIM solution has been effectively implemented by a multidisciplinary team of stakeholders in Greenville, South Carolina including a local health system, university, medical school and YMCA. EIM Greenville has developed a comprehensive toolkit and offers consulting services that can be purchased by interested health care systems and community partners.

Contact EIM to purchase the EIM Greenville toolkit or if your health care system wants to join the EIM initiative.

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