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Be an EIM Champion in Your Healthcare Setting

The EIM Pledge

As a healthcare provider, you have the ability to impact your patients in becomingmore physically active and combat the development of chronic disease and disability.  The EIM Pledge is designed to empower and assist YOU in taking specific action steps in helping your patients to move toward a healthier lifestyle.

There are four levels of the EIM Pledge.  Please select one or more of the following Action Steps that you will commit to doing in your healthcare setting.  After making your selection(s), we will provide you with the basic tools and information so that you can get started on your Pledge right away!

  • Level 1: EIM Promotion - Promoting physical activity in your healthcare setting      
  • Level 2: Physical Activity Assessment - Assessing the physical activity levels of your patients
  • Level 3: Exercise Prescription- Prescribing physical activity and referring your patients to exercise specialists
  • Level 4: Being a Champion - Being an EIM Champion and catalyzing change in your healthcare system

By taking the EIM Pledge, you are committing to making physical activity a standard part of your disease prevention and treatment in your healthcare setting.

EIM Pledge
*This program is reserved for licensed healthcare providers/practitioners.


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