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Research Learning Collaborative Webinar Series


  • October 2021: Clinic Level Policy to Promote Physical Activity in a Safety Net Clinic
    This webinar was the first of a 2-part series examining the integration of physical activity in health settings serving under-resourced communities. Dr. Pamela Bowen, an Associate Professor of Nursing at the University of Alabama Birmingham, discussed key findings from her recently published work describing the implementation of EIM in a safety net health clinic. In presenting her work, Dr. Bowen focused on challenges she faced and overcoming these barriers in promoting physical activity in a low-resource healthcare setting.

  • May 2021: Swedish Physical Activity on Prescription (PAP)
    This session featured Dr. Stefan Lundqvist of the Center for Physical Activity Gothenburg and a member of the Swedish Professional Association for Physical Activity (YFA). Dr. Lundqvist introduced the Swedish Physical Activity on Prescription program (PAP) and highlighted its role as a medical treatment model in Sweden. Dr. Lundqvist presented a brief history of PAP, evidence of its effectiveness, and shared lessons learned from their research efforts.

  • April 2021: A Panel Discussion: EIM Research Projects for Graduate Students
    This panel discussion provided guidance to graduate students looking to do their final research projects on an EIM-related topic. The panel featured three recent graduates (Mariana Wingood, Sergio Calonge Pascual, Francia Portacio) who all conducted either their master’s thesis or doctoral dissertation on the integration of physical activity into health settings.

  • December 2020: Early Career Investigator Small Group Mentoring
    This mentoring session provided guidance to early career investigators interested in doing EIM-related research, such as integrating physical activity into health systems, working with clinicians, and connecting patients to community-based physical activity resources. The session, geared towards graduate students, post-doctoral fellows, and early career investigators, featured five research mentors (Michael Pratt and Sarah Linke – UCSD, NiCole Keith – IUPUI, Patricia Heyn – University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus, and Mark Stoutenberg – Temple University) who met with attendees in small breakout sessions. Because of the breakout sessions, we were unable to record the proceedings from this event.

  • October 2020: PAVS 101: Assessing Patient Physical Activity Levels
    Drs. Liz Joy (Intermountain Health) and Trever Ball (Northwell Health) examine the initial integration of physical activity assessment into the Intermountain Health electronic health record system and the subsequent data extraction and analysis.

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