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“How To” Use Your Entire EIM-OC Leadership Team in Your Mascot Challenge Video

September 17, 2021 by Sasha McBurse, M.S., ACSM-CEP, EP, EIM Level 3

After reviewing the theme of this year’s Mascot Challenge video, it is time for your EIM-OC Leadership Team to get to work! Your team is the foundation of the EIM-OC initiative at your institution, so strive to get everyone involved in the video. Doing so creates camaraderie among the members and brings more campus awareness to your EIM-OC program. Although teams may vary in size, each member can have a role in creating a successful video.  

Here are three tips to involve your entire team in the video: 

Tip #1: Coordinate Schedules  

After crafting your skit idea, the most challenging part of creating the video may be scheduling the time and space to record and edit the video. Be mindful of schedule differences among faculty, staff and student team members. People are very busy. Yet choosing a time that is best for all team members is a great way to include everyone in the process. Using tools such as Doodle will help you find common meeting times. Although you can record sections of the video individually, it is more fun when the group is all together. Besides, you do not want to miss the bloopers! 

Tip #2: Identify Team Strengths 

Do you enjoy video recording? Do you enjoy making others laugh? Maybe you enjoy creating voiceovers or choreography. Or, do you hate being on camera but love creating skits and directing? Individuals are more likely to participate in the Mascot Video challenge when activities and tasks cater to their strengths and interests. Often, students thrive with creative pieces, and faculty/staff may enjoy sharing the take-home message. Some members have less availability, in which a more minor role may suit them best. Whatever the case, identify the strengths and preferences of your team members and divide tasks accordingly. Remember, there is a role for everyone! 

Tip #3: Keep it Light and Fun 

Yes, this is a challenge, and bragging rights are on the line, but this should be an enjoyable time for you and your team. If you share a positive attitude and openly welcome suggestions, this creates an encouraging atmosphere. In turn your team members will want to join in with you on the Mascot Video challenge. 

Meet with your team and make plans to ensure each member has a fulfilling role in this year's Mascot Challenge video! 

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