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Partnering for Global Change

The Exercise is Medicine® global health initiative takes a collaborative approach, aligning with partners having synergistic missions from various sectors. Our partners are dedicated to improving health and quality of life through the promotion of physical activity (PA) within health care settings and improving access to evidence-based PA resources. EIM is grateful for the collaborative efforts, support and passion of our partners.

Industry Partners

EIM appreciates the support of national and international businesses to advance the EIM initiative, developing creative sponsorship solutions that also advance a company's marketing and philanthropic objectives.

Health Care Association Partners

Professional associations of health care providers represent medical professionals who are on the “front lines” providing care for millions of patients. They have the power to integrate physical activity assessment and promotion into their practices and personally benefit from an active lifestyle.

Program Partners

Many organizations do great work to promote physical activity within health care and throughout the community. Together we can harness our resources for even greater collective impact.  

Health Care and Community Fitness Partners

Health care systems, medical practices and fitness facilities are implementing the EIM Solution in their local communities.

Get Involved

Find out about how you can join the EIM movement and make a difference.

Partnership with EIM means joining EIM in its mission to see physical activity successfully integrated into health care.  The ultimate outcome will be that regular physical activity becomes a standard in daily life for both patients and providers! 

Support for the Exercise is Medicine® Initiative is provided by:

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