Transform Your Health with EXI: Digital Membership for Exercise Physiologists

Welcome to Exercise Intelligence (EXI), a groundbreaking platform that integrates healthcare and fitness through personalized exercise programs. Our digital membership for exercise physiologists is designed to manage and reverse chronic conditions, backed by scientific evidence and tailored to individual needs.


Addressing a Major Healthcare Challenge

Physical inactivity significantly contributes to chronic diseases, costing the U.S. healthcare system billions each year. Over 129 million U.S. adults have at least one chronic condition. EXI offers a solution through lifestyle medicine, focusing on exercise, nutrition, and behavior modification to reduce these costs and improve health outcomes.

The EXI Advantage

EXI's regulated exercise platform helps individuals achieve their health goals with notable results:

- 603% Increase in Exercise Minutes: Users significantly boost their physical activity over 12 months.
- 5.6% Decrease in Systolic Blood Pressure: Consistent exercise reduces blood pressure.
- 5.8% Reduction in Waist Circumference: Improved body composition and overall health.
- 70% Adherence Rate: High user retention without external rewards.

How It Works

1. Digital Membership Enrollment: Sign up and get a medical letter for FSA/HSA payment eligibility.
2. Personalized Exercise Programs: Receive a tailored exercise plan based on your health assessment.
3. Interactive At-Home Workouts: Engage in adaptive routines from home with guided videos.
4. Health Data Integration: Securely share data with Apple Health, Google Fit, or Fitbit to track progress.

Financial Benefits

- FSA/HSA Eligible: Use pre-tax dollars to pay for your membership, reducing taxable income.
- Cost Savings: Manage chronic conditions through regular exercise to lower healthcare expenses.

For Professionals

EXI partners with healthcare and fitness professionals to enhance service offerings and expand their client base:

- Attract New Clients: Market the health and tax benefits of EXI.
- Bundled Memberships: Offer EXI as part of a membership package to boost retention.
- Data-Driven Insights: Monitor member adherence and health trends through our dashboard.
- Revenue Sharing: Explore licensing and revenue-sharing models for increased profitability.

Partner with EXI

- Increase Client Base: Attract clients without expanding facilities.
- Boost Retention: Engage clients with personalized exercise programs.
- Re-Engage Inactive Members: Offer a new, at-home service.
- Healthcare Integration: Capture health outcomes to enhance partnerships with insurers and employers.

Why Choose EXI?

EXI offers a co-branded app that automates personalized exercise programs to address chronic conditions and sedentary lifestyles. Our approach combines the convenience of digital engagement with the rigor of medical-grade interventions.

Join the EXI revolution and take the first step towards a healthier, more active life. Visit the EXI website or email Grace McNamara to learn more.


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