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23 September 2018

Sport and Rehabilitation Center Trojdena 2C str.


WORKSHOPS | 9:00 - 12:00


Workshop dedicated to Pilates exercises as a form of therapy and rehabilitation after oncological surgery. Especially after the mastectomy operation. During the workshop, we will analyze this medical operation and its effects (removal of glands, relocation of organs, changes in mobility and range of movement after removing parts of surrounding muscles), and show the historical connection with the Pilates method. And we will propose a set of exercises to help you regain full health. We will demonstrate that the Pilates Method exercise protocol supports physiotherapy and allows you to recover more quickly. And the patient will regain strength, stability and improve overall endurance.

Marta Wawszczyk, Jacobo Gomez Vazquez


Producing long-term behavioral change by empowering your clients to adopt new physical activity behaviors extends beyond simply educating them as to what they should and should not do. This workshop will help attendees develop and utilize effective communication strategies to establish a positive and productive relationship with their patients and/or clients. This 3-hour workshop will walk attendees through best practices in behavior change techniques and engage them in practical experiences translating this knowledge into skills that can be applied in real world settings to bring about meaningful lifestyle changes.

At the conclusion of this workshop, attendees will be able to:
Assess a client’s readiness for change and apply an appropriate communication strategy
Apply effective communication skills, including reflective listening and open-ended questioning
Implement various behavior change strategies, including goal setting and developing self-efficacy, to facilitate lasting behavior change.

prof. Mark Stoutenberg



WORKSHOPS | 12:30 - 15:30


Zoga is a movement concept for everyone who wants to achive more freedom and awernes of movement and posture in 4D. It chalanges all relationships of a human structure to gravity and creates many global and local vectors of movement availible in a body. It uses Anatomy Trains Map to guide a proces of biomechanical interventions arround myofascial tensegrity system. Yoga asanas are a functional tensts and positions that are chalanging different vectors of glide in between many myofascial layers. Zoga is designed to support and achive structural Integration goals and create a change in how myofascial system is organised arround the body.
Wojciech Cackowski


Professor Chodzko-Zajko will provide an overview of benefits of regular physical activity for older persons. 
The workshop will cover both research findings and practical aspects of physical activity participation. The workshop will be organized into the following sections;   
Part One – Overview of Scientific Evidence: The American College of Sports Medicine Position Stand on Exercise and Physical Activity for Older adults

Part Two – the Exercise is Medicine initiative
Part Three – Best practices for developing and implementing physical activity opportunities for Older Adults
Part Four – The role of technology in promoting physical activity
prof. Wojtek Chodźko-Zajko



Support for the Exercise is Medicine© Initiative is provided by:

Support for the Exercise is Medicine© Initiative is provided by:

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