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Mission of the Committee

To provide scientific guidance and technical assistance for all phases of EIM development through:

  1. Service to and collaboration with all standing EIM committees

  2. Maintenance of a scientific evidence base for both the individual and integrated phases (components) of the EIM Solution

Committee Goals

  1. Review and provide timely feedback on the evolution and global implementation of the EIM Solution

  2. Provide consultation and technical assistance/advice to EIM investigators

  3. Serve as a resource to other EIM committees relative to the science and evidence base that supports the EIM Solution

  4. Oversee the development and maintenance of evaluation protocols designed to assess and improve the EIM Solution

Current and Future Projects

  1. Assessment and critique of the EIM Solution, phase 2.0

  • Promotion and awareness campaign

  • Implementation and integration into healthcare system

  • Guidance on global implementation and adaptation into clinical practices

  1. EIM Evaluation

  • Guidance for implementation of EIM evaluations into healthcare systems

  • Further refinement and feedback on the EIM evaluation model

  • Guidance in developing an EIM standardized measurement and evaluation system

  • Assist global EIM team in developing an EIM scorecard to capture growth of EIM globally on a regular (quarterly) basis

  1. Effectiveness of the EIM Solution

  • Identify funding sources to support an EIM Solution effectiveness trial

  • Support EIM global center staff in conducting EIM Solution pilot studies in the U.S. and in international settings

  • Assess the feasibility of establishing a research center or research network dedicated to facilitating effectiveness trials in both the U.S. and other international settings


If you are interested in learning more about being involved with a committee, please check out the Volunteer Opportunities page for more information!


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