Become a Champion in Your Health System

As health systems move toward value-based care, EIM can be part of a population health approach to stratifying at-risk patient groups and providing opportunities for healthy lifestyle interventions.

  • Educate your colleagues on the benefits of prescribing physical activity for improved health outcomes. Use in-services or grand rounds. EIM can provide slides and materials for your presentations.
  • Talk to medical leadership and administrators about integrating the Physical Activity Vital Sign into the EHR, developing a physical activity order set, and forming partnerships with local evidence-based physical activity programs and facilities.
  • Consider launching EIM as a quality improvement project by collecting and analyzing data on workflow, patient outcomes, etc., and feeding it back to the team to optimize practice.
  • Develop a collaborative team including providers, informatics staff, patient navigators, and others to develop efficient tools and pathways for assessment and referral.
  • Write a brief article about your EIM work for your health system's newsletter, email or website.
  • A comprehensive toolkit developed by EIM Greenville can be purchased through ACSM to help guide your efforts and can eliminate hours of work and unnecessary mistakes.
  • Contact EIM staff for more information.
Exercise truly IS medicine.
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Support for the Exercise is Medicine® Initiative is provided by:

Support for the Exercise is Medicine® Initiative is provided by:

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