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Exercise is Medicine Dominican Republic

Exercise is Medicine® (EIM) first began activities in the Dominican Republic on May 17, 2014 with an initial workshop attended by 59 medical specialists. Since that time, the NUTRIMED Center of Nutrition, has served as a platform for the successful development of the program across the Dominican Republic. Under the guidance of National Center Director Dr. Richard Marine, the initial emphasis of the program has been on educating the medical sector on the importance of preventing non-communicable (chronic) diseases.

To accomplish this goal, EIMDR has obtained the support of several important health entities in the country, such as the Ministry of Public Health, the Dominican Medical College, and the Dominican Society of Internal Medicine. In addition, EIMDR has received sponsorship from companies in several different public sectors including Nutricosmetica, the Dominican Medical Colllege, and Dominicano. This initial support has allowed for the training and EIM certification of more than 300 doctors across the Dominican Republic in different specialties.

In 2017, EIMDR began expanding their work beyond the borders of the Dominican Republic with financial support from Abbott Nutrition Laboratory. As a member of the advisory board for sarcopenia, Dr. Marine was able to impress upon the Abbot Board of Advisors the crucial relationship between proper nutrition, exercise and health. This initial presentation opened the doors for a collaboration between Abbott and EIMDR with the goal of bringing the EIM workshop to medical providers across not only the Dominican Republic, but also in several other Central American countries such as Guatemala, Costa Rica, Panama, and El Salvador.

Through these sponsorships, EIMDR has been able to improve the quality of their   workshops by acquiring better equipment for the practical sections, developing and distributing promotional materials for clinicians to use in the clinic setting, and creating an effective web platform to assist with course registration and the tracking of physicians that have passed the course. Workshop participants are then able to continue using the website to access course information to serve as a guide for prescribing exercise to their patients.

Finally, to increase their reach across the Dominican Republic, EIMDR is working to make the EIM workshop a compulsory component of the medical internship – a year of training that all new doctors must complete in the Dominican Republic. This would ensure that all practicing physicians in the Dominican Republic have the knowledge and skills to assess and prescribe exercise to their patients in the clinic setting.

Support for the Exercise is Medicine© Initiative is provided by:

Support for the Exercise is Medicine© Initiative is provided by:

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