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What to Include in a Mascot Challenge Video

September 30, 2021 by Carrie Davidson, Ed.D., ACSM EP-C, RYT 500

Besides the mascot, iconic symbols, or your leadership team, you may be wondering what the content of your video should be. Get creative and find something that is unique to your campus or EIM-OC program.   

  • Do you have a unique way of referring to fitness professionals?   
  • Is there a certain question that is included in your PAVS?   
  • Do you have a great success story from a past EIM-OC participant that might be willing to be showcased?   
  • What about the facilities you use?   
  • Have you thought of the specific exercises you prescribe most often?   
  • Where do you get most of your referrals from?   
  • Have you already completed an event for EIM-OC either this year or last? Or do you want to promo an upcoming event?   

Ask your leadership team these questions as you brainstorm ideas. As Carena mentioned here, this is the brainstorming (Step 3) section of the process.   

You want your video to tell a story, the story of how we are all reunited in movement both on your campus and across all EIM-OC campuses. The pandemic might have separated us physically, but it did not separate us otherwise. We are social creatures (some more than others!), so showcase how you might be in different parts of the state, country or just campus, but all connect with a common goal of being physically active. How have things changed from last year to this year for Exercise is Medicine on your campus? 

Learn more about how you can submit your team's Mascot Challenge video - and remember to submit before October 15!

Mascot Challenge due dates will change annually. Reference the Mascot Challenge homepage for that year's due date.

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