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EIM On Campus Profile: Yale University

September 5, 2019 by Brooks Leitner

Exercise is Medicine On Campus (EIM-OC) at Yale University emerged in 2018 when a group of motivated medical students wanted to bring change onto their campus. The group was co-founded by MD/PhD student Brooks Leitner; Dr. Melinda Irwin, Ph.D., MPH, who has given keynote lectures at ACSM meetings; Tara Sanft, M.D., a medical oncologist; Scott Capozza, PT, an avid runner; and medical student and powerlifting enthusiast Marcus Valcarce-Aspegren. Within their first year, they earned Silver level in the EIM On Campus recognition program. Initiatives that helped earn this level included a Strength Training for Women Workshop aimed towards medical, nursing and physian assistant (PA) students; prescribing the ACSM guidelines for exercise at Yale Cancer Hospital’s Survivorship Clinic; and collecting physical activity data at the Yale Student Health Clinic.

With gaining excitement, the EIM-OC team paired up with Kevin Wang and Michael Flores of the Preventative Medicine Interest Group and Yale School of Medicine Wellness Committee to hold one major event this past May. The event, Walk the Talk: Practical Exercises for You and Your Patients, was aimed at educating the next generation of clinicians (nursing, physician’s associate, and medical students) about the physiological basis of exercise and the application of these principles to their own health and the health of their patients. In this workshop, medical students taught basic exercise physiology, exercise programming, and recommended the ACSM guidelines for clinical populations to clinical students- all while they were exercising. Yale will continue to educate students about the importance of incorporating exercise into the lives of themselves and their patients, so that one day exercise prescription will become the standard in high-quality clinical care. Watch the video highlighting Walk the Talk!

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